Alexandra Bridge, BC

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Jamac’s Project West Coast
The bridge was built by Dominion steel from 1960 to 1963, and was open to public in 1964. Located 45 minutes north of Hope BC, on highway 1. Jamac is performing LeadĀ Abatement and Surface Preperation, applying a 3 coat of eoxy system. Surespan is the prime contractor. We will be installing our own containment system.

We are using our SSPC Q2 on this project and since it is a fairly large and complex project, WorkSafeBC will be traveling to check on this operation. The job will runĀ for approximately 12 weeks, from June to September with final completion in 2018. Most of our blasting consist of 37 floors beams to support the deck and the entire underside of the bridge has been scaffold to provide easy access under the bridge.

Surespan will maintain the bridge at one lane, also alternating the traffic to give us one lane to operate. Also use 5000psi pressure wash all areas prior to blast, capture the wash water and have it tested. We also have our own ARS blasting/recycling unit on site that allow us to blast and clean grit, recovering the usable grit and sending it back in blaster pot while sorting all of the non-usable grit and garbage out.