Jamac East Coast

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Saint John, New Brunswick (Tower Project)
We have completed 60 out of 138 sections of towers.
Project is to be completed in 2018.

Halifax, Nova Scotia ( MacDonald Bridge) 
Jamac is doing lead abatement and corrosion protection, the project started in 2016 and it is 80% finished. It is projected to be completed this year. We are coating 140 new and existing cable bent saddles, anchor bands, splash zones and miscellaneous areas on the completed bridge.

Saint John, New Brunswick (Fireproofing Project)
Fireproofing Tier 3 project for Irving oil started in August and will run until end of October.

Machias Seal Island, New Brunswick/Maine
Jamac has been awarded for Machias Seal Island project, an island which located in both US and Canada and has a population of 2 (on going rotation of Canadian Coast Guard). We will be doing lead abatement, concrete repair, elastomeric coating on the exterior and miscellaneous repairs of the lighthouse.